Outdoor Lighting

At Rainforest Sprinklers & Lighting, our business is designing sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting systems. Each project we take on is custom-designed which ensures our customers will be given exactly what they want to achieve for the property of their dreams. Outdoor lighting is an important part of completing an integrated landscape design, and is often the finishing touch that homeowners put on their property after a sprinkler system installation.

​Why outdoor lighting is right for you:

  • Custom design and installation to meet your exact landscape specifications
  • Outdoor lights made with the newest LED light technology
  • Lighting can increase the safety of your property
  • Lighting can extend your entertainment hours
  • Creates a relaxing and ambient oasis
  • Can be controlled remotely from your smartphone
  • Affordable installation by trained professionals
  • Durable systems that provide years of performance

Looking to light up your landscape?

We install outdoor lighting of all makes and models. From solar lights, LED lights, floodlights and lampposts, have over 25 years of experience in outdoor lighting design. We only work with suppliers who we can trust and depend on, like FX Luminaire and Kichler.

Lighting Options
Up-lighting • Down-lightingPath lighting
Special Effect lighting

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